Attitude of Dobermans to children

A professional, fearless, intelligent and independent bodyguard is a Doberman. Children do not always control their actions, so a hypothetical danger exists. Is it worth it to have a Doberman for a child in an apartment and how reasonable is it.

Interesting facts about the nature of the Dobermans

Let's start with the main myth, the Doberman is not a fighting dog and not even a relative of the “four-legged gladiators”.

Doberman was bred at a time when taxes in Germany were collected manually. Tax officials went home and collected "tribute." It’s easy to guess that the “tax authorities” were often robbed and even killed until the Dobermans appeared. The true purpose of the Dobermans is a bodyguard dog.

We also destroy the second myth - representatives of the breed are not suitable for the protection of the territory, since:

  • They cannot live in an aviary or on the street.
  • Human oriented.
  • They do not see much value in things if they are not trained to guard.

Doberman is a dog of one person, but with proper upbringing, he will equally violently protect all family members. Representatives of the breed do not need to be taught to protect the owner, they know how to do it "from the cradle."

If the puppy shows signs of aggression towards strangers or animals, it is worth taking ZKS courses with him. The guard-guard service not only teaches, but also disciplines the dog.

Attitude of Dobermans to children

Dobermans are not recommended to start until the child is 6-7 years old. A too small child will not be perceived by the dog as authority.

  • Dobermans do not have pathological aggression towards people, until it comes to protecting the owner.
  • Representatives of the breed do not have innate territorial protection skills, but are well trained and quickly acquire skills, imitating other dogs.
  • A Doberman is a dog of one owner, but it can be either a teenage child or an adult.
  • With proper upbringing, the Doberman will become a friend and guard for the child.

Doberman behavior when a child appears in the house

Factors that can affect the behavior of a Doberman when a baby appears:

  • The age of the dog.
  • Duration of the dog's stay in the family.
  • The amount of attention that the owner pays to the upbringing and communication with the animal.

The most important is the last factor. If the dog feels that attention is being paid not only to the child, and the parents will follow all safety rules, there will be no problems with behavior.

The difference in the attitude of bitches and males to children

It is difficult to give a definite answer to the question, since all dogs are individual. According to the experience of the owners, bitches show more sensitivity and patience for babies, but they can not be called softer or harmless compared to males.

Is it worth it to have a Doberman for a child in an apartment

Dobermans get along well in an apartment if enough attention is paid to their upbringing. The characteristics of the breed are controversial and do not forget that the Doberman is a bodyguard dog.

If you want to get a dog of this breed for a child, then you need to follow the safety rules:

  • The younger the child, the higher the risk of his improper behavior with the dog.
  • Never leave a small child with a pet unattended.
  • Doberman always shows aggression (growls, grins, barks).
  • Do not allow the child to abuse the dog, make sure that the attention of the child is not too intrusive.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to constantly monitor the dog and the child, there should be a spacious cage in the house.

Doberman is a strong, strong and agile dog. If you want to have a pet for your child, you should consider less independent breeds. It is important to understand that Doberman aggression is not always justified by a real threat. A dog can attack an outsider on a walk if it seems to him that it threatens the safety of the child. In this case, only one question is relevant - will a child cope with an animal in a critical situation?

Cases of Doberman attacks on children

The media describes quite a few incidents in which Dobermans are involved. For unknown reasons, the breed was "called" fighting. An analysis of what happened without emotion makes it clear that the owners of the dogs are to blame for the attacks, not the dogs themselves.

2013 - Yekaterinburg. Doberman attacked a 5 year old boy.

Theses on the situation:

  • Doberman was free-range without a muzzle.
  • Children (there were two: brother and sister) walked near the river without adult supervision.
  • The dog attacked the child and injured his limbs and body.
  • Adults ran to the cries of the children, who were also attacked by a dog.
  • The owner of the dog turned out to be a watchman, a territory that struck the Doberman several times with an ax. After, the dog was euthanized by dog ​​handlers.
  • During the investigation, it turned out that the owner of the dog was drinking, and the dog was often severely beaten.

Bottom line: the investigation was conducted by police and volunteers. It turned out that the Doberman got to the watchman adults, did not receive proper education and care. The owner of the dog was convicted.

2016 - Sovetsk. Doberman killed a 4-year-old child.

Theses on the situation:

  • The situation occurred in the park.
  • A four-year-old child was in the park without parents.
  • It is unknown how the dog got into the park, and it was also not possible to find out if the dog belongs to anyone.
  • The mother of the child returned to the park (from her words, from the store) and found that the dog had attacked the child.
  • At the time when the dog was driven away, the child received multiple severe injuries.
  • The boy was hospitalized, but died in the hospital.
  • The dog disappeared from the scene.

Bottom line: since the owners of the dog could not be found, there is no one to answer for the boy’s death. On the fact that a four-year-old child was left unattended in the park, an administrative case was opened against the mother.

2018 - Yaroslavl. Doberman attacked an 8-year-old child in the park.

Theses on the situation:

  • At the time of the attack, the child was walking in the park, without parental supervision.
  • Doberman walked with a teenage owner without a leash and a muzzle.
  • According to witnesses, the dog attacked the boy from the back.
  • The owner remained with the dog at the scene until he reached his parents. After, the boy quickly left.

Result: the owners of the dogs were not found, the child received minor injuries, was taken to the hospital, where he received first aid and a referral for further vaccination.

2018 - Los Angeles, USA. A young Doberman bitch, owned by the famous model Kendall Jenner, attacked a little girl.

Theses on the situation:

  • The situation is clearly "warmed up" by journalists.
  • The child received no bodily harm, but was frightened.
  • At the time of the attack, the parents did not watch the girl, and the dog was in a public place (in a cafe) without a leash and a muzzle.
  • For unknown reasons, the dog jerked sharply toward the child and growled.

Bottom line: Kendall Jenner explained the dog’s behavior to the fact that she hadn’t contacted children before. Parents explained that they did not follow the girl, because they were in a public place. In fact, the police were called and a protocol was drawn up. Whether Kendall Jenner was held accountable is unknown.

2019 - Newport, Wales, UK. Neighboring Doberman attacked a 5-year-old girl.

Theses on the situation:

  • For unknown reasons, the dog ended up in the neighborhood.
  • The girl wanted to pet the dog and went to her.
  • When the child held out his hand, the dog reacted aggressively.
  • The dog was driven away by the girl’s father.
  • The girl received injuries of soft tissues of the head and face.

Bottom line: the Doberman owner was found guilty during the investigation. The court ordered compensation and all expenses. The total amount was more than £ 1,000. Parents were dissatisfied and demanded that the dog be euthanized, but the judge refused the request.

2019 - Serpukhov. A pair of Dobermans attacked their parents with a stroller.

Theses on the situation:

  • A family of father, mother, child (in a stroller) and a Yorkshire Terrier dog were in the courtyard of the place of residence.
  • A car drove into the courtyard, from which a drunk woman, a driver (woman’s husband), and four dogs stepped out: two Doberman and two cocker spaniels.
  • Dobermans attacked a family with a stroller for unknown reasons.
  • York took the first wave of attack on itself.
  • Using a pause, the father took the child out of the stroller and ran to the house, mother rushed to help York.
  • The woman had to cover the dog with herself, at this time the Dobermans attacked the woman. The jacket protected the woman from serious injuries.
  • The dogs were driven away by the returning father of the family.
  • During the investigation, it turned out that the mistress Dobermanov is a dog handler and that she did not try to influence the situation.

Bottom line: from unofficial sources it became known that the owner of the dogs is an employee of internal organs. Perhaps for this reason, multiple neighbors' complaints about the behavior of dogs and the whole family were ignored. After the dogs attacked people, the police began an investigation.

2019 - Kobrin, Belarus. Doberman attacked a 14-year-old.

Theses on the situation:

  • The child was attacked by a dog in a public place - at a bus stop.
  • Before the attack, the domestic dog was often seen on the street without a leash, collar and owner.
  • The child received a knee injury, from more serious consequences, winter clothes saved.
  • The dog owner’s identity has been established.

Bottom line: administrative proceedings have been instituted against the owner of the dog, but he is hiding from the police and the court.

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